Top 3 reasons to work with a property advisor

May 15, 2019 | Property News

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Buying and selling real estate is a complex and important experience in life. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you own multiple investment properties, property purchases are significant. The experience can be made more efficient and cost-effective when working with an expert who can negotiate on your behalf.

We can’t all be experts in everything, so the wisdom is in knowing when outsourcing tasks to experts offers the best value. Engaging expertise can give you the edge in getting the best prices, reducing stress, avoiding administrative or legal pitfalls, and accessing ‘in the know’ opportunities and products. Read on for our top 3 reasons to work with a property advisors on your next property purchase.

  1. Property advisors bring extensive experience in property transactions

Engaging a property investment advisor for your real estate dealings brings a lot of benefits.  For a start, an advisor will have experience in a lot more property transactions than the average individual, and of a wider variety of property types too.  

  1. They are expert negotiators.

Their negotiation experience along with their specialist knowledge of the property sector can help these advisors spot issues that may not be obvious to the average person.  As someone famously once said, you don’t know what you don’t know.

  1. They save you time and stress

Let’s not forget how stressful and time-consuming real estate negotiations can be.  A few years ago, it was reported that Australians spent a lifetime average of 208 days “searching, settling or moving into a rental or bought property”. If your time is worth money, perhaps it makes sense to outsource to someone who can get better results sooner.

The benefits and overall savings of using a property investment advisor can accrue over a lifetime of multiple property purchases, too.

When you have limited experience with real estate, you’re time-poor and you’re looking at high-value investments, teaming up with someone who has the negotiation and administrative skills in the industry might be the best investment decisions you make.

Brett Dickinson

Brett Dickinson

Director of Global Property at United Global Capital
LREA, DipFinServ
Brett is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and manages United Global Capital’s property projects and client acquisitions.
Brett Dickinson

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