Episode 19 of The Investor Exchange: What the Midterm Election Means for Australian Shareholders

Nov 14, 2018 | Property News

US stock market – WALL ST

This week we’re explaining why it’s important to pay attention to the US stock market; what midterm elections mean for the stock market; potential stamp duty alternatives and ASICs response to the royal commission.

How will stock markets fair after the midterm election? On the back of the election results, with Democrats taking control of the house, and Republicans guaranteed Senate majority, US equity markets rallied strongly, setting up an interesting dynamic coming off the bottom.

S&P 500 companies  have trounced lofty expectations in the third earning quarter on the top and bottom line in the US – an indication that underneath the surface, companies in the US are outperforming, which is a good sign for future performance.

Going forward, analysts expect earnings growth will slow given the strong period experienced, and we no longer will have the tailwind of the tax cuts. Joel explains how midterm elections have impacted the market since 1946 in the US, and predicts future performance in the market.

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Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • Brett raises the topic of the potential for a more fair way to initiate land tax that gradually replaces stamp duty. Would a higher tax rate on land tax increase real estate affordability? Listen in for our insights (16:24)
  • Louis discusses ASICs response to the royal commission, insurance commissions on general insurance products. They are commenting on the practise of some life insurance selling practises. Listen in to find out the fiduciary duty of your financial advisor, and what to look out for as a consumer when you’re being sold insurance. (26:00)
  • Louis explains why the lack of regulation in the property market is a major concern for consumers, and reasons to be wary of advice from professionals in unregulated industries. (38:30)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • Hard times for employees of Under Armour, who just lost their privilege of expensing strip club visits. Talk about exposing your under armour!
  • A media man in the Netherlands is going to court to legally drop 20 years off his age to put himself into a ‘luxurious position on Tinder’.
  • Nevada residents elected a dead person. Even better, this man was a former pimp. He was nominated before being found dead after a party (found by none other than Ron Jeremy)  According to Nevada law, the nominee has to remain on the ballot post mortem.
  • A flight baggage handler in Kansas fell asleep on the job, and was later found in the baggage cabin in Chicago O’hare airport!

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